Track those daily things you try to remember, but tend to forget.

Dayda is a tiny tool to quickly capture personal data points, then view the results in beautiful and simple charts.

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Create a Category to Start Tracking Your Day

Anything you want. How many times you check Facebook a day. Hours you work out. Your morning commute time. Gas milage. Anything.

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Add New Data Points Whenever You Think Of It

Pick your category, type in your value, select a date, and you're done. The mobile version is a delightful way to save data whenever you think of it.

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Get a Beautiful High-Level View of Your Data

Every so often, check in on how you're tracking. Dayda's gorgeous charts are fun, rich, and help you get a holistic view on your categorical trend.

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Why use this over something like RunKeeper, Mint, or other apps that track something specific?

Great question. There are many tools out there to track something specific. Running apps not only track how much you run, but how long and where you went. Financial apps like Mint are robust and tap into your bank account. If these specific tools already help you, then by all means continue to use them. They are made by smart people doing a great job.

The usefulness behind Dayda is its simplicity, by comparison.

Throughout a single day, there are dozens of things we all try to keep track of.

  • Did I do sit-ups and push-ups? I told myself I would.
  • Did I feed my cat? Am I over feeding him?
  • Did I buy a coffee?
  • Ok, I did buy a coffee. So how many days in a row have I drank a cup of coffee now?
  • How many miles did I run; how many is that for the week?
  • Should I go out to eat today or pack a lunch?
  • Did I do my daily writing for 15 minutes?
  • I drank a beer, should I drink another?
  • How many times today did I check Twitter/Facebook?
  • How many hours of sleep am I averaging a night?

Dayda is here to help you answer those questions. Sign up today if you want to start off-loading all these little data points you wish you understood better.

What makes Dayda so simple?

Dayda does two things well:

  1. Easy to enter a new data point.
  2. Fun and simple charts and tables to view your entered data points over a period of time.

The job to be done is understanding these little daily data points at a larger scale—for example, over the past month. Dayda makes it easy to get information in and get understanding out. Anything else is overkill.

Is there a mobile version?

Yes. You can access on your mobile web browser and bookmark it. It's a wonderful mobile web experience.

We will be providing mobile applications in both the Apple and Android marketplaces at some point in the future.

Is this free?

Yep! Right now it is while we test to see how many people are interested in the service.

Who's behind this?

Three friends, Matt Stockton, Jesse Vogt, and Kris Gösser, who wanted to build this for themselves and thought it was useful enough to share with others. If you have any questions, reach out on Twitter: @mstockton, @jesse_vogt, and @krisgosser.