A word before you start

Thanks for your interest in Dayda. We have a small set of rules you agree to by trying it out. We also have some commitments that we want to make clear.

First, your data is yours. You may delete or export it at any time. We commit to your personal privacy: we will never ever look at your data individually, but we may look at anonymous data in aggregate to measure how we can improve the application.

Second, you agree to not sue us for whatever reason. After all, this is just an experimental side project.

Third, although the application is free to use at this time, we maintain the right to change that in the future, but we commit to notifying you if that's the case. We also maintain the right to change these terms to something more official and boring if Dayda migrates to something bigger than a side project. We commit to notifying you about that too if that happens.

Fourth, you're ok with us collecting personal information like name and email. We commit that we will never ever sell it or use it in any way other than to occasionally communicate with you so long as you're a user of the application, and you're okay with that.